03 Jan 2007 09:19 am

Pacotes RPM (RPM Packages)


  • PostgreSQL 8.2.0
  1. Download the source rpm for version 8.2.0.
  2. Install it: rpm -ivh postgresql-8.2.0-2PGDG.src.rpm
  3. Go to the packages directory: cd /usr/src/packages.
  4. Download the OpenSuSE 10.2 PostgreSQL 8.2 patch.
  5. Apply the patch: patch -p0 < postgresql-8.2-opensuse-10.2.patch
  6. Go to the specs directory: cd /usr/src/packages/SPEC
  7. Build the rpm: rpmbuild -bb postgresql-8.2.spec
  8. Go the the rpm directory: cd /usr/src/packages/RPMS/$(arch). Where $(arch) is your CPU architecture (i586, x86_64, etc).
  9. Install whatever rpm you need to.


  • PostgreSQL 8.2.0
  1. Baixe o rpm dos fontes para a versão 8.2.0
  2. Instale-o: rpm -ivh postgresql-8.2.0-2PGDG.src.rpm
  3. Entre no diretório de pacotes: cd /usr/src/packages.
  4. Baixe o patch para o PostgreSQL 8.2 para OpenSuSE 10.2.
  5. Aplique o patch: patch -p0 < postgresql-8.2-opensuse-10.2.patch
  6. Entre no diretório de SPECs: cd /usr/src/packages/SPEC
  7. Construa o rpm: rpmbuild -bb postgresql-8.2.spec
  8. Vá para o diretório de RPMs: cd /usr/src/packages/RPMS/$(arch). Aonde $(arch) é a arquitetura da sua CPU (i586, x86_64, etc).
  9. Instale os rpms que precisar.

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